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  • 50 count manual capsule filler CN-50
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Manual Capsule Filler 50-count CN-50


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Now fill up to 50 capsules at once with our manual 50 count capsule filler! Available in sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

To make professional capsules, simply pour capsule bodies into the encapsulation sheet and gently shake, allowing them to fall into the holes. Repeat the process with the capsule tops. Fill the capsules with your desired powder using the spreader and tamping tool (if needed). Allign both sheets and press together to complete the process. View detailed instructions

We recommend purchasing separated capsules for these products.

See detailed instructions for use.

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Part 3 Manual capsule filler machines operation video,capsule filling machine for empty capsules 08:32

Company: CapsulCN LLC Web: Skype:capsulcn Tel: 0086-15967727000 Email: Assembly and Use. • Fix the handle to the tamping tool using the screws provided. Put to one side. •Take the body plate. Fix the feet tightly and squarely to the under side. Put to one side. •Take the cap sheet and place it on a clean, dry surface. • Place the encapsulation sheet on top using the stainless steel pegs to fix it correctly into place. •Cover the gap in the wall of the encapsulation sheet with one hand to avoid spillage. • Pour capsule tops in. Using a circular motion, gently shake the tops into the holes. •When the holes are filled pour out the excess tops. •Remove the encapsulation sheet and put it safely to one side. • If caps are sitting in holes upside down, use another to cap between two fingers to pluck them out. Put the filled cap sheet to one side. •Now take the bottom sheet. Fix the encapsulation sheet to the bottom sheet, using the stainless steel pegs to fix it correctly into place. • Pour capsule bodies in and shake as before to fill the holes. Pour off excess capsule bodies. •Remove the filled encapsulation sheet and put it carefully to one side. •If bodies are sitting in the holes upside down, press one side of the bottom sheet with one hand and use two fingers of the other hand to turn them over. •Fix the powder guard to the bottom sheet to prevent spillages. •Pour filling powder on. Use the spreader to fill the bottoms. •If the bottoms are not full, remove the powder guard and use the tamping tool to compress the fillings. Repeat the previous procedure. •Take the filled cap sheet and place the middle sheet on top using the stainless steel pegs to fit it correctly in place. •Please note: the width of the holes on the top of the middle sheet is marginally greater than underneath. Take care when fitting. •Turn the cap sheet / middle sheet over and fix to the bottom sheet. •Now, from a standing position, very gently, jiggle the cap sheet / middle sheet backwards and forwards to connect the capsules. •You will feel when the capsules are in the correct position. •Exert even pressure downwards. •Turn the whole set over. Place both hands on top. Push downwards to lock the capsules. •Pour out the finished capsules. •For users with smaller hands it might be necessary to double check the capsules are properly locked. •We hope you enjoy using your CapsulCN Manual Filling System. And remember -- if you have any enquiries or difficulties, get back to us immediately. Happy Filling!

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    Company: CapsulCN LLC Web: Skype:capsulcn Te...

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