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Separated Gelatin Capsules

Posted by Jennifer Schmidt-Thibeault on

We are now fully stocked with separated capsules in clear vegetarian sizes 0 and 00 and with clear and colored gelatin capsules in sizes 0, 00, 000 and 3.

Pre-separated capsules help speed the filling process, particularly with capsule machines. When browsing our site, look for or use the search bar to find products with an asterisk*. This indicates that this item is available in both Joined or Separated. Simply select Choose "Joined" or "Separated" in the options panel when adding the item to your cart.

Which Type of Capsule Should I Buy?

Empty capsules provide a cost-efficient way for anyone to make their own herbal and dietary supplements. Most capsules are made from gelatin, which still remains a very popular choice. Gelatin capsules are affordable, easy to digest, hold ingredients well, and have a smooth finish that works well in capsule filling machines. Gelatin capsules are pure and natural, made [...]

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New Colors, Sizes and Types of Capsules Are Now Available!

Now there are even more options to choose from! Browse our beautiful colored capsules and check out our new vegetarian options in Organic size 1, separated and pure white! Organic Capsules in Size 1 (coming soon) Separated Vegetarian Capsules Sizes 0 and 00 Separated Gelatin Capsules in Size 000 (coming soon) White Vegetarian Size 0 (coming soon) Colored Separated Capsules in [...]

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Even More Reasons to Buy Empty Capsules

In our very first blog post, we talked about some of the many benefits of making your own capsules. Saving money, reducing excess packaging waste, and the ability to control exactly what goes into your capsule, right down to the capsule itself, were at the top of this list. An added benefit to making your own [...]

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How to Choose a Capsule Filler that's Right for You

Realizing that a capsule filler will help speed your encapsulation processes is a step in the right direction toward making the best use of your time. Now that we carry a variety of sizes and styles of fillers, it is not uncommon for our customers to have questions about which model might be right for [...]

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Coming soon! A New Generation of Vegetarian Capsules from the Sea

We are excited to bring you a new generation of incredibly stable vegetarian empty capsules made from HMPCII, a seaweed polysaccharide derived from red sea algae. Red marine algae has been highly regarded for thousands of years for the highly nutritious quality of its carrageenans, the polysaccharide compounds extracted from the algae. These carrageenans are generally [...]

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Capsule Supplies Co-Hosts Local Women's Winter Wellness Workshop

Capsule Supplies and Colorado herbalist Marla Alexander of Roots Medicine Gardens recently hosted "Grow Your Own Medicine Cabinet," an herbal wellness night for a local women's interest group. Participants learned about how to grow and process herbs to make safe, natural herbal remedies right at home. With the oncoming cold and flu season, Marla focused [...]

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The Juicy Details: Choosing a Juicer

If you have made the decision to buy a juicer, congratulations! Juicing can be one of the simplest, most refreshing ways to get fresh, raw nutrients into your body without the need to prepare, consume, or clean up an entire meal. Now it is time to get started with your juicer research.What Kind of Juicer [...]

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Why Colored Capsules?

Aside from the obvious fact that colors are more attractive to the eye, using a colored capsule does have specific benefits.  Practitioners know that using different color and color combinations for their supplements and herbs can trigger an emotional response in their client or patient, which can establish a psychological connection to the use of the [...]

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Using Our Empty Capsules To Create Your Own Remedies

As alternative and "folkloric" medicines become more popular, many people are looking to take even further control of their health by filling empty capsules to create their own supplements. By choosing to do this, you can save money, reduce excess packaging waste, PLUS control exactly what goes into your capsule, right down to the capsule [...]

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