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Coming soon! A New Generation of Vegetarian Capsules from the Sea

Posted by Jennifer Schmidt on

Red Sea Algae capsules

We are excited to bring you a new generation of incredibly stable vegetarian empty capsules made from HMPCII, a seaweed polysaccharide derived from red sea algae. 

Red marine algae has been highly regarded for thousands of years for the highly nutritious quality of its carrageenans, the polysaccharide compounds extracted from the algae. These carrageenans are generally high in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc as well as many other trace minerals naturally accumulated from the seawater environment. 

These capsules have a lower moisture content than HPMC gelatin capsules, tolerating a humidity range of 20-65%, nearly double than that of a gelatin capsule

This lower sensitivity to moisture enables easier transportation, provides a longer shelf-life, and ensures the stability of the drugs/matter that the capsules are filled with. HPMCII capsules are particularly recommended to be used for fillers that are more sensitive to moisture. Additionally, these red algae capsules have an extremely low heavy metal content of 20ppm.

  • Higher humidity tolerance of 20-65%, nearly double than that of a gelatin capsule
  • Easier transportation, longer shelf-life, higher stability for drugs/matter
  • Regarded for high mineral content
  • Completely vegetarian
  • Beautifully clear and resilient

We'll soon be stocking clear HPMCII capsules in sizes 0 and 1, with a separated option for size 1s. Check back soon or sign up to receive Encapsulated, our newsletter so you can be notified of new products and other happenings.

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