Expedite the Filling Process with Separated Gelatin Capsules

Clear empty capsule - separated

We've all heard the saying, "less is more." We doubt empty capsules are the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear that saying. However, in the world of capsule filling, it rings true. Whether you're filling capsules to stock up for your personal vitamin and supplement regimen or bulk filling capsules to distribute to stores and customers, eliminating time separating your capsules can mean a lot.

Pre-separated capsules help speed up the filling process, particularly with capsule machines or fillers. PureCapsUSA now carries pre-separated capsules! They are no different than our joined empty capsules other than the top and bottom being separated.

Fully stocked with separated capsules, we offer them in clear vegetarian sizes 0 and 00 and with clear and colored gelatin capsules in sizes 0, 00, 000 and 3.

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