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How to Choose a Capsule Filler that's Right for You

Posted by Jennifer Schmidt-Thibeault on

    Realizing that a capsule filler will help speed your encapsulation processes is a step in the right direction toward making the best use of your time. Now that we carry a variety of sizes and styles of fillers, it is not uncommon for our customers to have questions about which model might be right for them. Today we will list some of the main things to consider to help you choose the right filler(s).

    The good news is that regardless of whether you generally work with colored or clear capsules, large or small capsules, there is a filler that will meet your needs. Keep in mind that as each capsule filler will only work with one sized capsule, a dedicated capsule filler is needed for each capsule size you intend to use. Our capsule fillers will work with size 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 sized capsules.

    Which capsule fillers are best for personal use and which ones does a professional need?

    • Considerations for Personal Use: finished-capsules.jpg

      If you are making capsules for personal or family use and just need to make a bottle or two, try our manual capsule fillers in sizes 20, 50, or 100. You will need to either purchase pre-separated capsules (available in vegetarian, gelatin and colored gelatin in sizes 000, 00 and 0) or separate your capsules yourself as you go along. If you are working with sizes other than 000, 00, or 0 and do not wish to separate your capsules, we recommend a semi-automatic capsule filler.

    • Considerations for Professional Use:

    Are you set on or limited to working with a specific color or type of capsule? This could impact which capsule filler to purchase.

    Before purchasing a capsule filler, make sure that the color and type of capsule is what you want to work with long term. Certain colors or types of capsules may not be available in pre-separated form to use with the manual fillers. Some capsules such as the organic vegetarian, chlorophyll, or other special colors are not available in pre-separated form. If you choose to work with these capsules, a semi-automatic capsule filler is the machine for you. The semi-automatic filler uses joined capsules, and separates them for you.

    What sized capsules do you use in the most quantity?

    As it may be beyond your current budget to purchase a separate filler for each size capsule, determine which sizes you use the most of and decide which filler to purchase based on the quantity and the above recommendations. You may find that a manual filler is perfectly fine for using smaller amounts of a lesser used capsule size, yet a 204 semi-automatic or an 800 count manual filler fits the bill for the sizes you use in medium to large quantities.

    Are you filling capsules with many different products, a single product or a few different products?

    The size and style of each filler you get will also depend on how many different products you are using to fill your capsules. If you are making large batches of a single product, your considerations for quantity used should be based on the quantity of each type of product you use. You may find that you will benefit from a 102 sized filler for one type of product and a 204 for another.

    Is speed of production a consideration?

    If you are going to need more than a couple hundred capsules a day of one or several different kinds, we recommend a semi-automatic capsule filler. The semi-automatic capsule fillers take as little as 15 minutes per cycle to process, depending on the user. Note the filler must be completely dry after washing between uses.

    Capsule Filler Facts:


    Semi-automatic capsule fillers:

    • Require joined capsules, allowing a greater variety of sizes and colors or capsules to be used.
    • Can accommodate capsules sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
    • Handle a capacity of either 102 or 204 capsules per 10-15 minute session.
    • Take as little as 15 minutes per cycle depending on the user.

      Start at $609 for the 102 count model.

    Manual capsule fillers:cn-100-sm.jpg
    • Require pre-separated capsules which may not be available in your choice of size or color.
    • Can accommodate capsules sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
    • Handle a capacity of 20 to 800 capsules per session.
    • Manual capsule fillers are available in sizes 20, 50, 100, 240, 400 or 800.
    • Start as low as $58.99

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