Which Type of Capsule Should I Buy?

Posted by Jennifer Schmidt-Thibeault on 29th Sep 2016

Empty capsules provide a cost-efficient way for anyone to make their own herbal and dietary supplements.

Most capsules are made from gelatin, which still remains a very popular choice. Gelatin capsules are affordable, easy to digest, hold ingredients well, and have a smooth finish that works well in capsule filling machines. Gelatin capsules are pure and natural, made of only bovine collagen and water and are guaranteed toxin-free, certified Kosher and Halal. While clear gelatin capsules are the most common, Capsule Supplies offers a large variety of colored gelatin capsules in sizes ranging from 000 (the largest) to 5, the smallest.

Those seeking a non-animal sourced capsule may choose from our Vegetarian HPMC (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) a vegetable cellulose of either pine or poplar, or our pullulan capsules, which are made from organic tapioca starch. 100% natural, these capsules contain no preservatives, no gelatin, wheat, or animal products. Vegetarian capsules generally are available only in clear, however Capsule Supplies offers white in Size 0 and 00.

Also now available in Vegetarian capsules are our special Herbal Oil capsules designed to hold oil-based liquid suspensions. These are a wonderful choice for herbalist and those seeking a means to take these types of supplements that are preferred to be taken in a capsule form.

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