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Clear Organic Vegetarian Capsules


Pullulan capsules are made from Pullulan starch, also known as amylose. Pullulan capsules have a stronger oxygen barrier eight times stronger than that of a gelatin capsule, and 300x stronger than that of HPMC capsules. Also, because they are crystal clear, the capsules have a high visual appeal. 


Our vegetarian pullulan capsules:

  • Are earth-friendly. No toxic chemicals involved. Completely natural and environmentally-friendly.
  • Have a stronger oxygen barrier than gelatin or HPMC capsules. Any fillings sensitive to oxygen, such a Vitamin C, retain appearance and integrity 300 times better than regular HPMC and 8 times better than gelatin capsules. Pullulan is superior in protecting nutrients and APIs from oxidation, improves stability, and extends product shelf life, reducing your overall costs and potential over runs.
  • Have strong visual appeal. These capsules are brillantly clear and visually appealing to your customers!
  • Are highly compatible with encapsulation machines. Pullulan capsules are non-brittle and retain moisture as well as, if not better than gelatin capsules and run flawlessly on high-speed encapsulation machines

Currently available in clear in sizes 00, 0 and 1. Our HPMC vegetarian capsules are available in these sizes as well as 2, 3 and 4 and are also available separated. See all our HPMC capsules including Herbal Oil and Enteric capsules.

PLEASE NOTE: Resellers of certified organic products are required to purchase of a full carton to comply with Organic Certification regulations. We currently only have retail packages available and no full cartons at this time. Manufacturing of this entire product line is delayed with no estimated availability. We regret that we cannot be of service to you and know of no other manufacturers with this product available.  

Looking for standard (non-organic) Pullulan Capsules? Our pullulan vegan capsules are available in sizes 000, 00, 0 and 1.

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