Manual Capsule Filling Machines

Manual Capsule Filling Machines


Our pharmaceutical quality capsule filling machines are made to meet the highest industry standards.

Made from a durable clear acrylic with stainless steel parts. Can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

How it works:

For 50-count models and higher, simply pour separated capsules into the encapsulation sheet and gently shake. (For the 20-count model, you can manually place the caps and bodies on their respective trays. The tops will fall into the holes. Repeat the process with the bottom encapsulation sheet. Fill the capsules with your desired powder using the spreader and tamping tool (if needed). A U-design powder guard prevents loss of powders. Align both sheets and press together to complete the process.

Each capsule filler includes: cap sheet, encapsulation sheet, bottom sheet, spreader, tamping tool, middle sheet, powder keeper.

Each capsule filler model is designed to work with only one size of capsules. Choose size when checking out. Note that some models may be shipped separately.

View downloadable instruction manual online here.

Separated capsules are recommended for these capsule fillers.

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