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Pullulan (Vegan) Capsules

Pullulan capsules are made from Pullulan starch, also known as amylose. Pullulan capsules have an oxygen barrier eight times stronger than that of a gelatin capsule, and 300x stronger than that of HPMC capsules. Also, because they are crystal clear, the capsules have a high visual appeal. 

PULLULAN CAPSULE INGREDIENTS: Pullulan gum, gellan gum

Our vegetarian pullulan capsules:

  • Are earth-friendly. No toxic chemicals involved. Completely natural and environmentally-friendly.
  • Have a stronger oxygen barrier than gelatin or HPMC capsules. Any fillings sensitive to oxygen, such a Vitamin C, retain appearance and integrity 300 times better than regular HPMC and 8 times better than gelatin capsules. Pullulan is superior in protecting nutrients and APIs from oxidation, improves stability, and extends product shelf life, reducing your overall costs and potential over runs.
  • Have strong visual appeal. These capsules are brillantly clear and visually appealing to your customers!
  • Are highly compatible with encapsulation machines. Pullulan capsules are non-brittle and retain moisture as well as, if not better than gelatin capsules and run flawlessly on high-speed encapsulation machines

Available in sizes 000, 00, 0. and 1 

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